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Replacing the siding on your home is a cost-effective way to give your home a brand new look and feel. Updating your house’s siding doesn’t only look nice, but it can help your home’s energy usage by making the house more energy efficient if you’re replacing old siding with different materials or siding that may have holes or other storm damage.

Our professionals at E&L Roofing are here to help with all of your siding service needs. Our team can provide siding replacement, repair, and cleaning services to the Dayton, Cincinnati & Springfield, OH areas.

Siding replacement

Siding repairs

Siding inspections

Siding upgrade

Siding match

Storm damage assessment



Window wraps

Door wraps

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Over 12 years in business. A+ BBB Rating.

Highly Competent Personnel

E&L employs highly competent personnel who can identify even the slightest hail or wind damage and are cognizant of the state laws applicable to roof, siding, and gutter replacement.

Experienced Insurance Recovery Specialists

E&L is staffed with experienced Insurance Recovery Specialists who have worked on thousands of claims with both major and minor insurance companies.

Excellent Track Record

E&L personnel have an excellent track record of getting damages awarded to property owners upon re-inspections after the insurance company denied damage the first time. One example involved taking an initial insurance claim of $2,500 to over $1.3 million!