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Property owners are well aware when they have damage caused by fire, tornados, or fallen trees. They are much less aware of damage caused by wind and hail — especially hail. Large hail can penetrate composition shingles all the way to the roof sheeting and, if severe enough, even small hail can damage roofs. Hail damage often remains unnoticed (from the ground), particularly by those not trained in what to look for.

The steps below are the normal course of action for insurance claims caused by wind or hail:

Step 1: If you suspect that you have wind or hail damage, contact E&L Roofing for a free inspection and initial consultation.

Step 2: If we see enough damage to warrant calling in a claim, E&L will provide you with your insurance company’s phone number and a short worksheet of some questions insurance companies frequently ask. We can make this phone call together if you like. (There is no reason to contact your insurance agent except as a courtesy.) The insurance company then assigns you a claim number. (This is a very important number, so keep it handy). At this point, please inform the insurance claim office that you want to be notified 48 hours in advance of the adjuster visiting your home so that you and/or your E&L representative may be present.

Step 3: Is it very important for an E&L representative to be present at the time of the adjuster meeting for a number of reasons:

Just as you would not go to court without an attorney, you should not have an adjuster determine damages without someone looking out for your best interests. Another set of eyes from a trained roofing professional may spot and point out damage that the adjuster might overlook. In addition, most adjusters appreciate the help of E&L professionals during this process. E&L has a great reputation with insurance companies due to our honest evaluation of damages, quality of work, and treatment of their customers.

Step 4: Once the adjuster is convinced that you have property damage, he or she submits the information to the insurance company and the insurance company sends you paperwork called the insurance “scope” showing a complete list of the damaged parts of your property. Normally, the scope and the first check arrive at the same time. This insurance scope itemizes the amount they will pay you to get the damages repaired. The price the insurance company uses for each item is considered the fair market value for your locale. The money from this first check allows you to hire a professional roofer, such as E&L Roofing, to begin the repairs. Sometimes, this first check is forwarded with only the property owner’s name and at other times, the mortgage company’s name is also on the check. In the latter case, the mortgage company must endorse the check and give it to you, or they may hold it until you enter a contract with a professional roofer.

Step 5: After you receive the first check or you and the mortgage company have endorsed the first check, you are ready to sign a contract with a professional, qualified roofer. The property owner alone, without influence from the insurance company or from the mortgage company, may choose the contractor. We think you could choose none better than E&L Roofing and we sincerely hope you will make that choice.

When it comes to making an agreement and signing the contract, we will come to your home or office and, based upon the insurance award, will ask you what repairs you want to make to your property. And, we will do only what you want us to do. For example, if you have interior damage or items that need painting and want to do that work yourself, we will not do that work or charge you for that work.

Unlike other roofing companies, there are two critically important advantages to contracting with E&L roofing — and these advantages cannot be overstated. First, we provide you with a two-year warranty on all workmanship. That means we will come back and repair anything that goes wrong with our installations — for up to two years. And secondly and most importantly, we ask for no money from you until the roof has been added. This allows you peace of mind knowing full well that you pay us only after the work is done. Very few other roofing companies offer this service.

Step 6: Once the contract is signed, we will arrange to complete the repairs as soon as possible or will delay them if you want the work done later. Your E&L representative will be available to answer any questions during the construction process. We will do a final inspection at the completion of each phase of the job.

Step 7: After your roof has been installed and the final inspection takes place, we ask you for a minimum of 50 percent of the contract price. Often, it is easier for homeowners to give more than 50 percent by simply endorsing the first insurance check. We then notify the insurance company that repairs have been completed. This allows the insurance company to release the second (depreciation) check along with any supplemental funds for items the adjuster may have overlooked.

Step 8: The balance of the contract is due when all the work has been completed to your satisfaction and you receive your second check from the insurance company. Again, the check may be made out to both you and the mortgage company and signatures are required from all payees.

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