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Springfield, Ohio, is a city that embodies both charm and resilience, a reflection of its historical roots and forward-looking spirit. E&L Roofing is proud to provide this exceptional community with top-notch roofing and tree removal services, contributing to the safety, durability, and beauty of its homes and businesses.

In Springfield, we offer a comprehensive range of residential roofing services. Whether you’re building a new home and need a sturdy roof to protect it, or your existing roof requires replacement or repair, we have you covered. Our experienced team is well-equipped to handle storm, hail, wind, and ice damage, ensuring your home remains secure no matter what Ohio’s weather brings. In addition, our services extend to skylight installation and repair, as well as chimney repair and flashing, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your property.

For commercial properties in Springfield, we provide equally extensive services. From new roof installations and replacements to routine maintenance and inspections, we ensure your commercial property’s roof is in optimal condition. We specialize in various types of roofing, such as TPO, Rubber, and EPDM, offering customized solutions to fit your commercial property’s unique needs.

In addition to roofing, our tree removal services are available to help maintain the safety and beauty of your outdoor space. Our team of experts can handle tree removal, tree stump removal, and tree trimming, as well as emergency services when required. We are committed to providing a safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing landscape for your property.

At E&L Roofing, we’re more than service providers; we’re community members who care deeply about the satisfaction of our clients. In Springfield, we strive to build lasting relationships based on trust, quality, and superior customer service. Let us be your partner in protecting and beautifying your property. Contact us today to discuss your roofing and tree removal needs.

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E&L employs highly competent personnel who can identify even the slightest hail or wind damage and are cognizant of the state laws applicable to roof, siding, and gutter replacement.

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E&L is staffed with experienced Insurance Recovery Specialists who have worked on thousands of claims with both major and minor insurance companies.

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E&L personnel have an excellent track record of getting damages awarded to property owners upon re-inspections after the insurance company denied damage the first time. One example involved taking an initial insurance claim of $2,500 to over $1.3 million!