Locations Served

At E&L Roofing, we are proud to extend our top-tier roofing and tree removal services across several locations in the United States. We are deeply committed to each community we serve and strive to maintain the trust and satisfaction of our clients in each of these regions.

Dayton, OH: As the birthplace of aviation, Dayton is home to a rich tapestry of history and innovation. We’re proud to offer our full suite of services to this dynamic city, ensuring the homes and businesses here are as robust as the spirit of its residents.

Cincinnati, OH: Known for its architectural diversity, Cincinnati’s residential and commercial properties deserve roofing services of the highest standard. We’re dedicated to delivering just that – contributing to the beauty and integrity of Cincinnati’s skyline, one roof at a time.

Springfield, OH: Springfield’s charm is undeniable, and we take great pride in offering our services here. From tree removal to comprehensive roofing services, we assist Springfield’s residents and businesses in preserving the city’s charm and ensuring the safety and durability of their properties.

Hinesville, GA: A vibrant city tucked in Liberty County, Hinesville has its unique charm and appeal. We’re honored to extend our high-quality roofing and tree removal services to this Southern jewel, adding an extra layer of protection and beauty to the homes and businesses of Hinesville.

No matter where you are located, our commitment to delivering high-quality service remains steadfast. E&L Roofing is just a call away for all your roofing and tree removal needs. Our professional and dedicated team is ready to serve you, ensuring your property is well-protected and maintained to the highest standards.

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E&L employs highly competent personnel who can identify even the slightest hail or wind damage and are cognizant of the state laws applicable to roof, siding, and gutter replacement.

Experienced Insurance Recovery Specialists

E&L is staffed with experienced Insurance Recovery Specialists who have worked on thousands of claims with both major and minor insurance companies.

Excellent Track Record

E&L personnel have an excellent track record of getting damages awarded to property owners upon re-inspections after the insurance company denied damage the first time. One example involved taking an initial insurance claim of $2,500 to over $1.3 million!