E&L Roofing was created through the partnership of a roofing company production manager and top Insurance Recovery Specialists who over the last three years have helped hundreds of satisfied home and business owners replace storm damaged roofs, siding, and gutters. Our vision was to create a full service roofing company which helps homeowners with every aspect of the claim process from start to finish while completing all necessary repairs in a manner which provides them with complete satisfaction and improves their property value. This vision has set E&L Roofing apart from other contractors by setting higher industry standards which homeowners should come to expect. After all, your home is the greatest investment. With military backgrounds representing two generations, E&L specializes in developing personal relationships with our customers by adopting the fundamental military principles of honesty, integrity, and most importantly, dependability. You can rely on us because we say what we’ll do, and then we do what we say.

Personalized Service:

Thankfully, most home or business owners experience catastrophic property damage only once in their lifetimes. This infrequency, however, leaves them ill-equipped and ill-prepared to work with their insurance company, mortgage company, and contractor. That’s where the professional team at E&L Roofing excels, going above and beyond homeowners expectations. From your initial consultation with one of our Insurance Recovery Specialists until the final cleanup and receipt of the depreciation check from your insurance company, your E&L representative works with you every step of the way. We specialize in doing the administrative work for you so your life returns to normal just as quickly as possible. As we say at E&L, when we handle your claim, the most difficult thing you have to do is to choose the color of your new roof, siding, and gutters!

Expert Installations:

Personalized service is only half the story. The other half, of course, is installing roofs, siding, and gutters using top quality material and professional personnel who are experts at their trade. Great character is doing the right thing when no one is looking. E&L roofing always take the difficult right over the easy wrong, even when no one is looking! We take great pride in both customer satisfaction and the performance of our installers and ensure that they pay close attention to the smallest details. Once the job is done, we leave no evidence that a work crew has been on your property — except for your new roof, siding, or gutters. We are so certain of the quality of our installations that we provide a full two-year warranty on our workmanship!

Honesty, Integrity, and Dependability — Keys to Our Success

E&L Roofing is fully aware that you have many choices when choosing a company to install your roof. And, there are roofing companies who can do the work for less money than we do. However, many of these roofers are not licensed, bonded, insured, and do not offer warranties on their workmanship. Other roofers ask for money up front before beginning work, and then leave without delivering material or doing any work. Still others require 50 percent of the contract price when the materials are dropped (often on top of your house!), then are in no hurry to complete your job because they have half of your money! E&L does not do any of these things.

The E&L team advises you to never pay for work before it is completed! We at E&L never ask for a single cent until your roof is on. You pay us 50 percent only after the roof has been installed! This is the only way we do business. (See Step 5 under Insurance Claims).

Treating customers with honesty, integrity, and dependability is our hallmark at E&L. We treat everyone of our customers just as we would like to be treated and always try to give them more than they expect. And, we do so cheerfully. Only in that way do satisfied customers speak well of us and become our greatest asset.

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100% Customer Satisfaction

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Veteran Owned and Operated

Over 12 years in business. A+ BBB Rating.

Highly Competent Personnel

E&L employs highly competent personnel who can identify even the slightest hail or wind damage and are cognizant of the state laws applicable to roof, siding, and gutter replacement.

Experienced Insurance Recovery Specialists

E&L is staffed with experienced Insurance Recovery Specialists who have worked on thousands of claims with both major and minor insurance companies.

Excellent Track Record

E&L personnel have an excellent track record of getting damages awarded to property owners upon re-inspections after the insurance company denied damage the first time. One example involved taking an initial insurance claim of $2,500 to over $1.3 million!