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Why Choose Us?
Honesty, Integrity, and Dependability—Keys to Our Success

E&L Roofing is fully aware that you have many choices when choosing a company to install your roof.  And, there are roofing companies who can do the work for less money than we do.

However, many of these roofers are not licensed, bonded, insured, and do not offer warranties on their workmanship. Other roofers ask for money up front before beginning work, and then leave without delivering material or doing any work. Still others require 50 percent of the contract price when the materials are dropped (often on top of your house!), then are in no hurry to complete your job because they have half of your money! E&L does not do any of these things. 

The E&L team advises you to never pay for work before it is completed! We at E&L never ask for a single cent until your roof is on.  You pay us 50 percent only after the roof has been installed! This is the only way we do business.  (See Step 5 under Insurance Claims).

Treating customers with honesty, integrity, and dependability is our hallmark at E&L. We treat everyone of our customers just as we would like to be treated and always try to give them more than they expect. And, we do so cheerfully. Only in that way do satisfied customers speak well of us and become our greatest asset.

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