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Top 5 reasons why property management companies choose E & L Roofing

1. Insurance Claims

• E & L Roofing knows storm damage, knows precisely what insurance companies should pay for, and knows how to ensure you are getting a proper and fair insurance award.

• Our proven track record is highlighted by claims such as Stoneharbor, whose initial $400,000 award was settled to $750,000 once E & L Roofing was involved, and Sandharbor, whose initial $2,000 award was increased to $1,300,000 from E & L Roofing’s expertise.

2. Project Management

• Our customers have confidence in E & L Roofing through our commitment to excellence, open communication, on-site supervision, and attention to detail.

• By providing superior and experienced on-site project managers, our customers are able to focus on their other work aspects, knowing their property and tenants are in the best of hands.

3. Quality of Work and Materials

• E & L Roofing always uses the highest quality materials available in the industry while providing free upgrades at every level of construction whether roof, siding or gutters.

• Our installers meet or exceed manufacturers’ installation requirements with all products and at all phases of the construction process.

4. Safety

• E & L Roofing takes safety very seriously. Roofing, siding, and gutter replacement are major construction projects which require experience and close attention to detail to enable, create, and promote, not only a safe work environment but a clean and safe continuous living condition for tenants.

• E & L Roofing has unparalleled experience with these major construction projects and has a proven 100% perfect safety record.

5. Taking Care of Your Tenants and Personal Property

• Often, tenants have personal property both inside and out of the property which can be damaged during the construction project. E & L goes above and beyond to protect this property which results in high customer satisfaction and a more pleasant process for all parties involved.